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Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud Services for Greenville Businesses

Cloud-based technology allows companies to expand their technical capabilities without the hardware hassle. Businesses that implement cloud services gain so much more than simple mobility. Moving to our secure cloud can help you streamline your critical IT processes while simplifying business application management.

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing involves the delivery of hosted services via the internet. It gives users the ability to access files and information by logging in from any device that has an internet connection. Programs are outsourced and reside in a secure data center rather than a user’s hard drive.

Why are cloud services important for businesses?

Companies that use the cloud report increased productivity, flexibility, and mobility. The top benefits of cloud computing can be viewed below.

With cloud technology, users are not limited to a single computer or device.
Cloud technology eliminates the need for additional hardware purchasing and maintenance.
The cloud is automatic, which eliminates the stress of working through issues and updates on your own.
Cloud Hosted Solutions removes the risk of losing your locally saved business data.

Types of cloud computing

One size of cloud computing doesn’t fit everyone.

Public Cloud

Public clouds are owned and managed by cloud services providers, which deliver their computing resources over the internet. All hardware and software is owned by the cloud service provider and accessible through a web browser.

Private Cloud

Private cloud computing resources are used solely by a single organization. A private cloud can be hosted by a third-party service provider or the organizations on-site datacenter. All services and infrastructure are managed on a private network.

Hybrid Cloud

With a hybrid cloud, public and private clouds are interlinked by technology that allows data sharing. When data can move between public and private clouds, your business will experience increased flexibility, security, and compliance.

Cloud Services for Businesses

We offer a wide range of cloud hosting services that reduce maintenance expenses and boost business efficiency.

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Server Hosting

For businesses that demand large storage and fast loading, Datagroup has you covered. We offer multiple  hosting plans to meet your business goals.

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Hosted VoIP

VoIP refers to the process of delivering virtual phone functions that mimic regular phone lines. Utilize incoming and outgoing phone calls in real time.

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Office365 Hosting

Microsoft Office 365® for Business includes program/application licensing, email hosting, and a suite of tools that enable efficient employee collaboration.

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Virtualization Technology

Whether you need virtual servers or virtual desktops and phone systems, we can help with that. Virtualization helps company’s decrease maintenance spend and increase server utilization.

Cloud Services FAQ

Yes. Our cloud strategy begins with outlining your technical and business goals. This will help us better understand which cloud services are right for you. From here, we develop a plan and timeline to move you to the cloud.

Preparing for your business’s transition to the cloud is pretty simple. A cloud service provider will handle the move. However, cloud computing puts a strain on local internet connections. You might want to consider upgrading your network bandwidth.

Cloud Servers offer a much higher level of flexibility than a dedicated server. Cloud servers can be created in minutes, easily adjusted, and deleted at any time.

Most options for moving your workloads will depend on your company’s cloud strategy. You may choose to gradually move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud or just one task. Application-based workloads and test and dev operations can also be moved. The cloud gives you the ability to create an environment in minutes, and you can scale it on demand and access it from anywhere.

With cyber threats rapidly increasing, security is our top concern. We take extensive measures to ensure data restoration in the event of an attack. This includes encryption, identity management, and physical security. Our datacenter is secure with fingerprint access restrictions and 24/7 video security.

With a cloud service provider, you won’t need to hire more staff. We handle the move from start to finish.

If a cloud provider is HIPAA, PCI, and SOC compliant, they are and qualified to handle personal information. Datagroup is diligent about keeping private information secure.

When you partner with a cloud provider, they’ll outline your access, security, services, and support. To ensure accessability, a service level agreement (SLA) is developed. The SLA details the process in the event of an outage.

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