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What Our Clients Are Saying About DTI

Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff

We’ve been associated with DTI for years and have always found Joe and his staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. Customer service and response time are top-notch!

Kathy, Database Manager, Le Chris

Always Willing And Ready To Help

A committed team of friendly professionals, always willing and ready to help.

Mark, Director, LIB Graphic Solutions

Kind, Patient, And Efficient

We have been customers of DataGroup for several years, and we’ve always enjoyed working with them. Very kind, patient, efficient, and knowledgeable.

Hayley, Agent, A & A Life Insurance & Investments

Always Puts The Customer First

Great company that provides a personalized service and always puts the customer first.

Matthew, VP Operations, WIMCO Corporation

Quick Response When Issues Arise

DataGroup has responded to our needs with accurate knowledge, quickly resolving any issues that arise. I recommend calling them first when you have an issue.

Melana, Employee, Pamlico Tower

Phenomenal Service

Thank you for coming down to the plant here in Havelock and for your patience with my repeat questions. Your team has been phenomenal from the onset of taking over Tandemloc’s account. Multiple Tandemloc employees have actually come to me directly on more than one occasion to express their satisfaction with DataGroup’s performance.

Dan, Project Manager, Tandemloc

Transitioned 40 Employees To Working Remotely In Only 2 Hours

The techs at DataGroup are always responsive and supportive. When we had to transition 40 employees to working remotely, DataGroup took care of us in only 2 hours! They continuously provide support to our employees.Whenever we speak with them about an issue, I know it’s going to be taken care of quickly!

Patti, Office Manager, JSmith Civil LLC

Qualified IT Personnel

Being a one-person IT department for a growing organization while also coordinating transportation for 311 children in a Head Start program was a daunting task. Since partnering with DataGroup, the single biggest benefit has been having qualified backup personnel in the IT area. The folks at DataGroup always make every effort to assist you and your organization whenever there’s an issue.

Nathan, Transportation/IT Coordinator, Greene Lamp

Consistency Of Service Over 15 Years

Consistency of service has been the single biggest benefit to our company since partnering with DTI. They’re always looking ahead to meet the needs of our agency. We’ve been with DataGroup for 15+ years, and they have grown and changed with us. They’re great at handling big jobs. Both times that our office has moved in the past five years, DTI has done an outstanding job in making it happen.

Lynn, Executive Director, Mid-East Regional Housing Authority

Quality Service and Professionalism

We’ve been extremely satisfied with DTI’s quality of service and professionalism. Their technicians are extremely patient and polite with all of our employees, helping us resolve issues promptly, no matter how minor or complicated.

Sandy, CFO, Mid-East Regional Housing Authority

Faster Response Time, More Knowledgeable Staff

What we love about DataGroup is that they’re a local company that can troubleshoot and respond to issues either by logging in or traveling to our office. DTI delivers faster response times and more knowledgeable staff than other IT firms we have worked with in the past. DataGroup consistently provides quality and reliable service.

Lorina, Executive Administrative Coordinator, Mid-East Regional Housing Authority

The Best Customer Service Ever

Let me just say this – your company has the BEST customer service I have ever received by anyone! Calls, emails, follow-up calls – all designed to help us be prepared. I am thankful God brought you to us!

Laura, Executive Assistant, Harvest Church (Washington, NC)

Tremendous Value For Peace Of Mind

I have peace of mind knowing that our network is always being monitored, and DTI will be quick to act if there are issues. Their rates are very reasonable and this attracted us, but DTI’s customer service and personal touch keeps us with them. I recommend DTI based on our incredibly positive experience with the firm. Attention to our system, quick resolution to any problem that arises, friendly customer service, and tremendous value for the price. We are very pleased!

Laura, Executive Assistant, Harvest Church (Washington, NC)

Dependable, Respectful, And Quick To Respond For Nearly 20 Years

DataGroup has always been respectful of our time. Being in a medical practice, it’s critical to be able to access our patients’ chart data while they’re here for their appointments. Sometimes problems occur that are beyond our control, but DataGroup has always responded quickly to restore access and get us up and running again. Their technicians listen to our problems, complaints, and needs and work to find the best solutions for us. Their staff is very dependable and they’ve always been very respectful with us. We have worked with DataGroup for the past 18 or 19 years, and that history says a lot! We have recommended them many times over the competition!

Paula, COO, SeaCoast Cardiology Consultants

We Fix Things Others Can’t

I have to say Teaven is becoming my favorite IT guy at DataGroup. He fixed an email issue with one of our vendors yesterday that their own tech support could not fix.

Mitchell, President/Owner, Professional Data Management

Skilled Technicians Take Care Of Our Needs

Teaven always responds quickly whenever there’s a problem. He takes care of all my computer needs. I would tell anyone that could use your firm’s services that with skilled technicians like Teaven taking care of you, you can’t go wrong!

Jerry, Owner, Wiggs Investigations

No Other IT Support Company Could Provide Us With That Level Of Service And Protection

The key to success for any business is selecting the right vendors that have the expertise to work through any issues, and DataGroup Technologies is one of those key vendors that we rely on to take care of all our IT technical services and support. From a complete hardware upgrade to answering a simple question, DTI has been able to assist with these and everything in between related to IT. We were able to avert a potential data loss when DataGroup Technologies proactively contacted us to let us know that their real-time enterprise network monitoring system, provided as a part of our support service agreement, had just detected a problem on one of our workstations. This allowed adequate time to back up the data and correct the hardware before it could become a serious issue. I doubt any other IT support company in this region has true real-time monitoring that could have provide us with that level of service and protection. I was a customer when Joe Thigpen was a one-man operation. He always did quality work, and his company continues to do the same. I know that if I ever have a concern, Joe and his team are available to assist and that those concerns are resolved.

Dan, President, SCA Collections

Not A Single Complaint

Please pass on to the DTI Team that I’ve gotten superb feedback from our end-users here expressing what a great job they’ve done helping with all the expected hick-ups experienced from the Office 365 implementation. Since the install, I have not had a single complaint from anyone here – That’s saying A LOT! Your response team is doing an exceptional job.

Bill, CTO, Tideland EMC

DTI Continues To Be Instrumental In Our Growth

DTI was instrumental as our small business grew to transition from in-house IT to more professional IT services. They’ve helped not only with networking our business and hardware/software support, but more importantly supported our legacy systems, such as labeling software. I’d say there are a lot of choices for IT services and this, like most businesses, is a ‘get what you pay for’ service. If your business can’t afford to be down, either online or internally from an IT perspective, you need to partner with DTI. As a small business owner, I simply don’t have the time to worry or devote to handling our IT.

Chris, Owner, Signature Seasonings

Honest, Professional, And Reliable

DataGroup is a very honest, professional company, and we can always count on them to deliver excellent customer service. It’s so nice to speak to a person who knows who you are, knows your business, and is able to assist you quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend DataGroup for any of your IT needs.

Liz, Office Manager, Collice Moore Properties

Immediate Access To Support Minimizes Downtime

Having immediate access to IT support minimizes our downtime when we have technical issues. When I call, I know I’m going to reach a live person who is responsive to our needs and is both courteous and knowledgeable! You won’t be disappointed in DTI’s level of customer service. With our last IT group, it
would sometimes be days before they could get to us, costing us time, money, and – more importantly – workflow! We have not had that issue at all since partnering with DataGroup!

Susan, Partner, Alphin Insurance Agency

Full Access To Trained And Experienced IT Staff Without The Labor Costs

Having DataGroup manage our IT has stabilized our network and made it more dependable, resulting in increased efficiency. Working with DTI gives us full access to trained and experienced IT staff without the labor costs. Their staff is always ready to help, communication has been excellent, and management is always responsive to our changing needs.

Sara, Business Officer, Beaufort County Health Department

Getting In Touch With DataGroup Is As Simple As Making A Phone Call

DataGroup’s technicians are very knowledgeable, respond quickly, and work fast to resolve any situations that arise in our firm. They will come to your site, dial into the network, or pick up any computers to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Getting in touch with DataGroup is as simple as making a phone call or emailing your problem to them. They always do a great job of keeping your system up-to-date and running smoothly.

Penny, NC Certified Paralegal, The Kessler Law Firm

Partnering With DTI Gives Us Confidence At Prices That Are More Than Fair

Partnering with DTI gives us confidence that our network is as secure as it can be, since it is being monitored even if we are not in the office. Their powerful backup system keeps our valuable data protected if something were to go wrong. Whenever we have a problem, we can call for service and expect a quick response. The technicians we have worked with don’t talk over our heads, and
everyone makes us feel we are important. We are extremely happy with the service we’re getting and believe the fees charged for services are more than fair.

Michele, Agent, Seaboard Timber

I Can Actually Take Vacations And Not Lose Sleep

Since I am the only IT person on staff, it’s comforting to know that our business continuity is ensured, since DataGroup Technologies is familiar with our network and could step in and take over on very short notice. I can actually take vacations and not lose any sleep while away, knowing I can trust DTI to provide full IT support in my absence. It’s great to be able to rely on DataGroup’s IT expertise when I encounter complex technical issues. On several occasions, I’ve been able to come to a faster resolution for a complex issue by making one phone call to discuss the issue with DTI’s highly experienced staff. DataGroup’s proprietary network monitoring system – deployed on our network of 16 servers and 60+ workstations – is a centralized network management tool that allows me to monitor system alerts and system services without disruption of service for the end users. It also provides detailed insights and reports on the status and health of our servers and workstations.

Philip, IT Manager, Eastern Carolina Vocational Center

You Won’t Find A Greater Value Than DTI

I would like to strongly recommend DataGroup Technologies Inc. (DTI) for any IT services that your business may need.

We own a cardiology practice in Jacksonville, NC and an Internal Medicine practice in Goldsboro, NC (about 1 hour apart). DTI has supported both of our locations for over 10 years and is a vital part of our business.

We first called Joe Thigpen (owner of DTI) around 2002 after a major virus infection crippled our network and corrupted our server. We were contracted with a local computer company then who apparently failed to keep our virus protection and PCs up to date. AT the time of the crash our provider and the Dell warranty support team informed us that all of our medical and business data on the server had been lost. You can imagine how devastated we were. Joe and his team did not give up so easily. They worked for 48 hours straight through a weekend and somehow recovered 100% of our data when everyone else had threw in the towel. They rebuilt our network and put us back in operation.

DTI is different than our other providers. Joe showed us the difference between a provider who actually manages our network and one who simply waits for us to report a problem. They have their own technology that monitors our PCs and servers so they usually see and fix small issues without us ever
knowing there was a problem. They can even detect when our PCs are running slowly and automatically perform maintenance to fix the problems. With DTI, we feel like we have our own IT department. They handle just about everything for us. When we have a problem with our computers, phone service, internet service, software vendors, etc we make one call to DTI and they chase down the vendor or the problem. They give us advice and help us plan for technology changes and they always keep our budget in mind. They charge us one flat price and we call them as much as we need without being billed for every call. And unlike other companies we have used, they are there when we need them. We never have to sit on hold or leave a message. When we call the helpdesk, a technician usually immediately goes to work on our problem remotely. If we do need a technician to come to us in most cases they depart immediately if it is an urgent issue.

From a cost perspective, you won’t find a greater value than DTI. Their rates are far less than most providers and DTI is one of the only companies we have found that will provide an unlimited amount of support and all of the maintenance we need for one flat price. We essentially get a complete IT department for less than we could hire a single technician. Plus they bundle many of the services we used to pay separately for.

We’ve tried other IT providers, and there is no provider we trust more than DataGroup Technologies.

Paula, COO, SeaCoast Cardiology Consultants/PrimeCare Physicians, P.A.

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