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WordPress Vulnerability Identified At DataGroup Technologies, Inc.

WordPress Vulnerability Identified at DataGroup Technologies, Inc.

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WordPress Vulnerability Identified at DataGroup Technologies, Inc.

Hacker attacks are on the rise. Did you know that 17,308 vulnerabilities were reported in 2018? That’s a significant increase- 162%, to be exact- compared to the reported vulnerabilities in 2016 (6,615). Now that we have your attention, here are more alarming cyber security facts you should be aware of:

To put it bluntly: hackers are looking to break into your website. That’s a fact. If you’re thinking that your site is too small or new to earn the attention from hackers, think again. There are 90,978 security attacks that happen every minute of every day, and hackers show no prejudice when it comes to the size of the website or business they attack. -Brenda Barron

So, how can you ensure 100% protection against hackers? Unfortunately, you can’t. With the increasing number of web application vulnerabilities and the growing sophistication of these hackers, there is no way to guarantee that your business or website won’t ever encounter cyber threats. But, a strong IT service provider can proactively monitor your website to ensure that the correct steps are taken to protect the sensitive data on your website.

If you are a WordPress user, there is a chance your site has been hacked.

One of the most recent vulnerabilities to affect WordPress sites was found right here at DataGroup Technologies Inc. headquarters by our Cloud Support Specialist, Stewart Martin. How does one identify a vulnerability such as this?

You think like a hacker, of course.

“One of our managed WordPress clients fell victim to a hacker using a very specific method. I simply replicated that method in our lab environment to identify the vulnerability.”
Stewart Martin, DTI Cloud Support Specialist

Stewart has reported the vulnerability to WordPress, and DTI has taken the appropriate measures at a server-level to combat hackers until the vulnerability is addressed.




If DataGroup Technologies is your Managed WordPress Provider, there’s no need to worry. We will be notified once WordPress releases a bug-fix for this, and we’ll handle this issue for you.

If you’re not one of our Managed WordPress clients, contact Stewart today to give him authorization to correct this issue once the next WordPress update is released or talk to him about our Managed WordPress Hosting Services. When you host your website with DTI, you’ll get:

  • Website hosting on our on-site secure server
  • Back-up of your site on our off-site cloud server
  • Daily backups
  • Weekly WordPress security updates (core + 3rd party)
  • Core WordPress assistance
  • Strong password resets
  • Proactive WordPress security measures

For only $40 a month, you can stress less knowing that our team of experts is proactively monitoring, managing, and maintaining your website. Call us today at 252.329.1382!

Please understand that your WordPress site is your responsibility. We try to prevent issues as they arise, but WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis by a qualified professional.
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