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The DataGroup Technologies, Inc. Leadership

The DataGroup Technologies, Inc. (aka DTI) is comprised of hardworking, trustworthy, and accredited people from all walks of life. From veterans to newly graduated individuals, DTI builds its foundation on sharing experiences and improving knowledge-base for their clients and business development.

Joe Thigpen, CEO CISSP Authur

Joe Thigpen

CEO, CISO, Founder

Joe spent the first 20 years of his life in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper where the only technology he used was weapons and explosives. He bought his first computer in 1986, and instantly found his passion for IT. After he retired from the Army, Joe completed his degree in Computer Network Administration and founded DataGroup Technologies, Inc.

Brad Caudill, Director of Operations

Brad Caudill

Director of Managed Services

A family man, leader and ECU Alumni majoring in Computer Networking, Brad fell in love with technology at age 12 when he built his first computer, and has been fascinated with IT ever since. The MIS department at Abbott Laboratories allowed Brad to sharpen his computer networking skills. Since 2012, Brad has evolved with DataGroup Technologies, Inc starting as an MSP Client Network Administrator, Service Manager, Director of IT, and now a Director of Operations. Brad has earned his reputation of being a key member of DTI and is a benefit to all who wish to learn more about simplifying IT.

Teaven Johnson, IT Lead Consultant

Teaven Johnson

Helpdesk Manager

Dubbed the "Superman" of DTI, Teaven has become an asset for client services! For over 8 years Teaven has served as a Network Support Technician and Lead-Help Desk Specialist. As a graduate of East Carolina University, he majored in Computer, Informational Sciences and Support Services. All in which has made Teaven the 'Go-To' and 'Most-Requested' technician at DataGroup Technologies, Inc. As a 3-time "Employee of the Year" award winner, Teaven has just become a first-time father in 2022.

The DTI Team

Rhonda Jones


Graduating from Ashford University and Forbes Business School, Rhonda obtained her B.A. in Accounting and has been showing off her math skills ever since! With over 30 years of experience in accounting, it’s no wonder why she is our financial guru! Her inspiration comes from her sister-in-law; she strives to have her spitfire attitude while still remaining the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

Lee Roach

Sr IT Consultant

Lee grew up in Clayroot, NC, a small, tight-knit farming community in Pitt County that has produced many successful, productive professionals, thanks to a work ethic instilled into its residents that still burns strong today. Lee has been involved with sales and marketing for over 25 years. His greatest enjoyment in the business is “the WIN” – whether it’s him winning or helping a teammate win a deal. When not at work, Lee loves spending time with his family at the beach and coaching his daughter’s basketball team.

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