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Boost productivity and protect your data with Cloud Technology.

Cloud Services

Improve Your Company's Uptime By Using Datagroup Technologies Datacenter Services In Eastern Nc
Datacenter Services

Unlike other hosting companies, DataGroup owns and maintains our Greenville NC data center. This allows us to provide high-quality hosting and file sharing service, along with other internet related services from our own data center where we control uptime.

Server Hosting That Is Fast And Reliable To Meet Your Businesses Needs To Stay Connected And Share Files Amongst Company Employees Icon
Server Hosting

For companies, business or e-commerce that demands high-bandwidth, large storage, and fast-loading, DataGroup’s hosting service takes care of your company’s hosting needs. We offer several hosting plans to meet your business objectives.

Internet And Telecom Services Enable You To Receive Incoming And Make Outgoing Phone Calls In Real Time Via Internet Connection In Greenville North Carolina Icon
Hosted VoIP

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services enables us to utilize incoming and outgoing phone calls in real time via the Internet. VoIP refers to a set of protocols that work together to deliver virtual phone functions that mimic regular phone lines.

Microsoft Office 365 Allows You And Your Employees To Stay Better Connected To All Of The Tools You Need And To Each Other Icon
O365 Services

DataGroup offers Office 365 (o365) services to enable multifaceted cloud collaboration in your business. At DataGroup Technologies we work closely with our clients to create and implement dynamic cloud-hosted solutions composed of various Office 365 features.

Virtualize Your Servers With Our Experts To Improve Efficiency And Scalability For You Network In Eastern North Carolina Icon

Our virtualization experts have experience in both building and maintaining virtual environments. Our leading tech consultants, proven strategy, and customized services will help you improve the efficiency and availability of your business’s resources and applications.

Computer Repair And Electronic Health Records Hosting Available In Greenville North Carolina With Dti Networks Icon
EHR Hosting

DataGroup Technologies’ secure cloud eliminates physician burden and burnout by the practice’s data being stored on external servers that are easily accessible online, requiring nothing more than a computer or smart device with an Internet connection.

datagroup cloud services will keep all of your devices connected from anywhere at any time to improve productivity illustration

Cloud Services Overview

Cloud services provide companies with a new level of agile, secure, cost-effective solutions. Progressive companies that choose to implement cloud services gain so much more than simple mobility. Cloud-based technology allows businesses of all sizes to leverage innovative, enterprise-grade, cost-efficient solutions.

Our cloud storage providers work closely with you to create a custom cloud solution that aligns with your specific business needs. Our Cloud managed services include:

Secure Cloud Backup

Your business data is perhaps your most valuable business asset. Protect it with a secure cloud backup or cloud storage solution and gain peace of mind knowing critical data can be restored quickly.

Cloud Hosted Applications

Unshackle your team by using cloud-hosted applications. Team members can securely access the suite of office applications that are necessary for your business on the go.

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

DataGroup Technologies employs the latest in VoIP equipment and software to deliver telecommunications customized to the needs of your business.

Cloud-Based Marketing

In conjunction with industry-leading vendors, DTI can assist you in building a cloud-based marketing system that takes advantage of cloud flexibility across a wide range of marketing channels.

DataGroup Technologies is among the top cloud computing companies in the nation. We own and operate a Tier 4 datacenter offering multiple different cloud services including managed cloud hosting, cloud replication, secure cloud hosting, hosted desktop infrastructure, and more.

Cloud Technology FAQ

Since Cloud data is stored on the internet, it does not depend on one single device. If you lose your computer or smart device, all you have to do is grab a different device, go online and not miss a beat. All your data will still be there.

The majority of companies that use cloud computing report cost-saving benefits, the delivery of software applications as a service, and increased staff productivity, flexibility, and mobility.

The technology experts at DTI will listen to and understand your business goals and perform a complete assessment to determine the proper cloud solution.

In a public cloud, data from several clients may share the same server. A private cloud is set up behind a firewall and provides hosted services to a select number of approved users.

There are endless advantages to using cloud computing technology.

Extreme flexibility is offered due to the fact that everything is internet-based. Your data can be accessed from anywhere from any device. You’re not limited to a single computer with cloud computing technology.

The cost of cloud computing is much lower than current technology. All you have to purchase is the service itself, eliminating your need to make additional purchases as you would with traditional technology.

The cloud is automatic. You won’t have to work through issues and updates yourself, because our cloud computing service will handle it all for you.

Regardless of size or industry, data security is a major concern for all businesses. Data breaches and other cybercrimes can leave your business devastated.

With cloud security, your data is completely secure.

We implement baseline protections such as authentication and encryption. Additionally, we offer additional cloud security measures to provide data protection and strengthen the security of your sensitive cloud information.

DataGroup’s Cloud engineers have years of experience in assisting in cloud migration with minimal to no downtime and application performance. We work closely with you from initial concepts to complete Cloud implementation.

Advantages of Cloud Services

By using our cloud consulting services, you can save money on equipment purchases and maintenance.
Our cloud architecture allows you to access corporate data via smart devices to ensure that your busy staff is never left out of the loop.
DataGroup’s cloud-based services enable you to have easy access and control over your data.
You’ll be a step ahead of your competitors once you realize just how important cloud adoption is to your business.
Convenient Cloud-based applications automatically refresh and update themselves, saving your business time and money.
By utilizing private or public cloud services you’re no longer at risk of losing all your locally saved business information.

Are you interested in learning more about our Cloud  Services?

To discover how you can run your business more smoothly with cloud services from DataGroup Technologies, get in touch with us.
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