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Implement an effective Disaster Recovery plan to
bulletproof your business.

Disaster Recovery Services

Datagroup's Disaster Recovery Plans Are Designed To Protect Your Company And Its Most Valuable Assets As Well As Train You What To Do If Disaster Strikes Your North Carolina Business
What is Disaster Recovery?

DTI’s disaster recovery plan and business continuity training ensure business continuity in case a disaster strikes your business. We work closely with clients to plan, implement, and manage your data protection. Data is the backbone of your business. Don’t take it for granted.

Catastrophic Events Call For A Helping Hand In The Form Of Managed Disaster Relief From A Local Eastern Nc Msp Icon
Managed Disaster Recovery

Every business, regardless of size, is prone to disaster. Do you have a disaster recovery strategy to protect your data in the event of an IT disaster? Be confident in the safety of your valuable data when you choose DataGroup Technologies to provide managed disaster recovery services.

Reliable Data Backups Available At Low Cost To Protect The Data That Helps You Run Your Business Effectively Icon
Data Back-up Services

Our data backup services allow us to back your data up across a range of locations with a safe and secure approach while eliminating manual tasks for your staff. We offer cost-effective data protection, low storage costs, and safe data transfer.

Cloud Replication Protects Your Business From Crashes And Excess Downtime In Eastern Nc Icon
Cloud Replication

Our Cloud replication services offer efficient and customized data protection. This method ensures that the replica database can act as a source database when the original source is unavailable. This helps reduce downtime and risk of frequent crashes.

Having Failover It Systems In Place In Preparation For A Catastrophic Event Will Increase Your Uptime If Disaster Strikes Icon
Failover IT Systems

When disaster strikes, your components can become unavailable. Our failover system provides automatic transfer to a highly reliable backup. Failover sufficiently reduces the impact on your users when you find your business experiencing a system failure.

disaster recovery and continuity planning will protect your business from physical and technological threats that would otherwise bring your business to a halt illustration

Disaster Recovery Overview

Does your company need help developing a disaster recovery plan the event of an unplanned disaster? Simply backing up your data to another hard drive in your office doesn’t constitute full protection of your most valuable asset: your customers. What happens if a physical disaster such as fire or flood strikes your business? What happens if a computer virus propagates across all of the hard drives in your network? How do you protect your business’s data from not only accidental deletion but catastrophic disasters? Data powers your core business. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

At DataGroup Technologies, we pride ourselves in our disaster recovery and business continuity training capabilities. We not only backup your data to multiple locations, but we can also provide remote backup services so that in the case of an emergency your data, and your business, is protected. Our disaster recovery and business continuity training services include:

  • Managed server backup option
  • Cloud backup service
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity training
  • Workstation backup solutions
  • Image backup
  • Offsite backup storage
  • Disaster recovery hosting
  • VMware disaster recovery solutions
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity training
  • Data backup Greenville
  • Pre-disaster server imaging
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Disaster recovery services for small business
  • Business continuity management
  • Online backup services

Our Process

Developing a disaster recovery plan can be tricky, but it is crucial to your business’s success. Every data security plan begins with your needs. What happens if data is unavailable? What components of your company are at high risk? By asking the right questions, we’re able to build a data protection and recovery plan that best suits your business. After analyzing your needs, DTI will set you up with a custom mix of hardware and software, install, and run extensive tests to guarantee we have the necessary tools implemented to protect your valuable data. DataGroup Technologies will manage your data and file backups, and resolve problems before they arise. Our professionally managed data protection and disaster recovery services include regularly testing your backup tools and proactively reviewing your data growth. We offer disaster recovery services for small businesses and large businesses alike.


A traditional data backup program allows you to get an archive of your data, with the ability to retrace your steps and find a specific file and folder to restore to your server from the archive. Disaster recovery allows you to recover a much larger range of data that you can quickly restore to a separate facility. We recommend implementing both services for maximum control and efficiency.

DTI performs storage at the moment of data creation.

No. Our Disaster Recovery services are available over cloud servers or dedicated servers, depending on what best suits your business needs.

The time and effort it takes to successfully implement a disaster recovery plan is well worth the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing that your business will still operate smoothly and seamlessly after a disaster.

Yes. Many small businesses put all of their focus on business development, often neglecting their company data. DTI offers disaster recovery services for small business. With threats on the rise, disaster poses a threat to businesses of all sizes. From natural disasters like floods or tornadoes to security breaches like ransomware, your business needs to be protected.

DataGroup Technologies offers an incredibly secure environment so you can rest assured knowing that your private information will remain private. Each staff member at DTI is under a non-disclosure agreement. The analysis and recovery of your company data are performed in secure labs with controlled access to ensure our clients’ data is confidential.

Many factors that affect the recovery process difficulty are considered when quoting a price for our services. Costs are dependent upon the specific client and their case. An accurate price quote will be provided following an evaluation.

We provide a protection strategy that you can trust, and we’ll prove it to you! We are proud to report that under our Disaster Recovery management, in the 18 years we’ve been in business, not a single client has ever been devastated by data loss.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Service

Proactive, comprehensive threat protection in real-time.
Custom-tailored data solutions for your business.
Access to advanced technology and system resources.
Builds business credibility and inspires customer confidence.
Helps maintain employee productivity and a company’s ability to generate revenue.
Ensures compliance with industry regulations.
Disaster recovery and business continuity training.

Are you interested in learning more about our Disaster Recovery Services?

Let’s talk about your disaster recovery and business continuity training needs, and learn how DataGroup Technologies can help secure your company’s valuable data.
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