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Offering Top-Of-The-Line IT Services, from Coast to Coast.

– Based in Greenville, North Carolina

24/7 Support, Proactive Maintenance, and More...

IT Services

Help Desk Services

We offer IT support in Greenville, NC, and the surrounding areas. But if you’re not local – no worries. We offer remote IT support so that we can assist you virtually anywhere.

Managed IT Services

Our IT service management platforms provide superior IT infrastructure that you won’t experience when working with other IT companies across Eastern North Carolina.

Disaster Recovery

If a disaster were to strike, would your business be able to make a speedy recovery? Protect your valuable information and quickly recover critical business data and systems with managed disaster recovery solutions from DataGroup.

Cloud Services

The cloud has become an increasingly preferred platform for delivering a range of small business services. DataGroup’s comprehensive cloud solutions enable you to access your vital business applications and records no matter where they are.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybercrime is an ongoing threat to almost every modern business. Without the latest security measures, a successful hack can compromise your clients’ and employees’ sensitive data, resulting in harmed systems and costly downtime.

Professional IT Services in Greenville, NC

Widely known as one of the top IT consulting firms, DTI is proud to support over 200 networks across approximately 20 U.S. states. We believe in delivering hassle-free IT service that allows your business to operate more effectively.

You depend on your systems for workflow optimization, and when your systems don’t work properly, it hinders you from working properly. Wouldn’t you rather spend time managing your company than stressing about server installation, cyber security management, efficient IT support, and technology problems?

Optimizing your technology doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, expertise, structure, and a proven strategy tailored to your business to create the most efficient IT environment. Other IT consulting companies simply consult, but our strategic approach to information technology involves learning as much as possible about your unique business, understanding the objectives of your IT department, and the objectives of your business as a whole. From there, we collaborate with your business and budget to align your technology to meet your business goals.

To add to that, wouldn’t you prefer your trusted IT company to service your business in a timely manner? That’s precisely what DataGroup’s diverse range of IT services provides for your company.

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Switching to a new service provider can be a tricky situation. We highly recommend negotiating termination specifics with your current provider before signing a contract with a new provider.

If negotiating with your current provider to obtain their cooperation seems impossible, don’t fret. Even if all reasonable means of cooperation have been drained, there are still ways to successfully reclaim control of the network that you own.

An IT managed service provider, commonly referred to as an MSP, is a company that manages a client’s IT infrastructure, and typically, end-user systems, on a progressive basis. MSPs are hired in place of, or in addition to, a company’s internal IT department.

Common reasons organizations turn to Managed Service Providers include:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved security
  • A proactive approach to IT challenges and computers’ technical support
  • To decrease downtime
  • Gained access to the latest technologies
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased productivity of internal staff
  • Cloud solutions
  • Internal IT deficiency
  • Remote support

Structured cabling refers to the organization and efficiency of your company’s cabling. Connecting to a structured cabling system ensures that your computer equipment will operate expeditiously. When designed and installed properly, this system will support the present and future needs of customers.

Reasons why businesses choose to invest in structured cabling include:

  • Consistency
  • Long-term investment
  • Versatile support
  • Makes relocations, additions, and changes simple
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Future application support

If you already have an in-house IT professional, you understand the value of technology in your daily business operations. Even the most capable IT staff can become easily overwhelmed and unable to devote sufficient time to every aspect of your company’s IT responsibilities. DTI provides additional support and security as well as expert guidance on your overall IT strategy.

  • Is your IT infrastructure unable to keep up with the growth of your data?
  • Are you frustrated with your current computer / IT support?
  • Have you found it increasingly difficult to secure reliable IT professionals?
  • Is your existing IT infrastructure becoming more difficult to manage and monitor?
  • Are you struggling with maintenance?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you want to partner up with a Company like DataGroup Technologies for expert Computer / IT services and solutions.

Yes. We have decades of experience providing services for both.

Cloud services are innovative and cost-saving, but they are new technologies, nonetheless, and still capable of causing frustration and confusion.

DTI offers cloud services and professional consultation regarding which aspects of your company would improve by the use of cloud services.

Improper planning for cloud-migration can result in lack of cost savings, data loss, or downtime.

Only the ultimate IT decision maker can answer this question. At DataGroup Technologies, we are IT industry leaders. So, if that answer is yes, reach out to us today.

Benefits of IT Services

Are you interested in learning more about our IT Services?

What are you waiting for? We’re here for you! Learn more about how choosing DataGroup Technologies as your IT partner will provide the support you need to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Let’s have a conversation today.


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