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If you are in need of computer repair, laptop repair, or server repair our expert team of technicians are here to provide fast, reliable support.  From spyware and virus removals to software installs, if you are having an issue with your computer; feel free to bring it into our support center or let us provide remote support over the internet.   We repair most issues on the same day.   We are that good.

Bench Repair Services

Threat Removal

Most problems with computers today are associated with viruses and spyware. If your system feels slow, sluggish and not as fast as it once was or locks up all together, it’s likely that you could have an infection. DTI has years of experience removing viruses from computers.

Software Installation

Installing software on your computer can be an easy task when you know what you’re doing. But when you don’t know what you’re doing, installing software can be difficult. Let DTI help you install the software properly. We’ll help you get it installed and setup so it works when you need it to.

Data Recovery

The data stored on your computer, in most cases, is more important than the computer itself. However, many people still do not backup their data. Computers store data on a magnetic disk. Many problems can cause a hard drive to fail or data to be lost. Our technicians can backup your data and give you the peace of mind you need.

General Troubleshooting

Our Help Desk allows you to get the computer related solutions you need now. If you’re having trouble sending email, locating a file, printing a document or facing some other challenge, our knowledgeable technicians can help! Our technicians are available to help by phone, email or remote support. Don’t waste time worrying about IT problems and let us help get you back to work.

Ask A Technician

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