The Internet is not fireproof

DTI-150-x-150--Fire---IconMoving Forward After Disaster Strikes

Simply backing up your data to another hard drive in your office doesn’t constitute full protection of your most valuable asset: your customers. What happens if a physical disaster such as fire or flood strikes your business? Or if a computer virus propagates across all of the hard drives in your network? What, or who, protects your data from not just accidental deletion, but catastrophic disasters? At DataGroup, we pride ourselves in our disaster recovery capabilities. We not only backup your data to multiple locations, but we can also provide off-site backup services, so that in the case of an emergency your data (and your business) is protected.

Our Disaster Recovery Services Include:

  • Managed Server Backup
  • Server Recovery After Disaster
  • Replacement Server After Disaster
  • Offsite Backup Storage
  • Pre-Disaster Server Imaging
  • Remote Server Monitoring

Proven Data Protection Strategy

We are proud to report that under our DR management, in 16 years not a single client has ever been devastated by a data loss.