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This quiz is not a pass or fail test but rather an indicator of which level you would be suited to work here at DTI.    It also helps us determine what training we would need to provide to you should you be selected for this position.


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Joe Thigpen

How many PCs have you built in your lifetime?

How do you access the CMOS or BIOS settings of a PC?

How do you make the PC boot from removable media instead of the hard disk?

Which CPU clock speed would be found in a modern PC

Select the expansion slots most supported in PCs today (select all that apply)

What does ESD pertain to?

How do you check the processor or system temperature?

What CPU temperature would you consider to be too high?

Select the items that can help cool a CPU:

Which processor is weakest in this list.

A power supply converts

What is the typical wattage of a PC power supply

Identify the common voltages found on the output side of a PSU:

fdisk is one program that can be used to create...

The master boot record (MBR) is stored in what sector of a hard disk drive?

What technology is used in Solid State Drives?

What does SMART Refer to?

How many times have you installed Microsoft Windows?

What versions of windows have you installed?

How would you check to see if Windows recognizes all of your hardware

What versions of Microsoft Windows are still being updated by Microsoft?

In most cases, how many PCs may be installed with a single product key?

When describing the difference between OEM and retail editions of Microsoft Windows, which of the follow is true?

What methods can be used to mass install windows to many PCs quickly? Select all that apply.

Which Windows application can be used to change which programs or services are loaded at startup?

What program is used to itemize and manage running processes in Windows?

To view errors caused by an application or the system, you can use

What is System Restore used for?

Which application is used to edit the Windows registry?

Which command would you use to verify or repair all system files?

Storage devices and partitions can be examined and configured using...

Identify the file systems available in Microsoft Windows (select all that apply)

What would cause Microsoft Windows to write a file to the disk with a .dmp file extension?

_____________________________ is a software tool used to diagnose the root cause of a BSOD.

In order to install Windows to a partition larger than 2TB, your disk must use a _____________ partition table.

Power conditioning can be achieved through the use of a...

ECC, registered, or fully buffered are types of _________________ commonly found in servers.

What does RAID stand for?

What is RAID Used for?

RAID uses the following to protect data (select all that apply):

True or False: RAID Zero is a mirror of two drives?

RAID 5 requires a minimum of how many drives?

RAID 10 requires a minimum of how many drives?

True or False: A RAID array that is degraded is no longer functional.

True or False: RAID is a form of backup?

1U, 4U, or 6U describes which measurement of a server chassis?

What parts of a server can be fault tolerant? (Select all that apply)

What types of RAID arrays have you configured?

What are the platter speeds commonly found in SAS drives? (Select all that apply)

What Perc Cards in this list will support hard drives larger than 4TB?

Which server operating systems have you installed more than once? (Select all that apply)

Which Microsoft application(s) that requires Client Access Licenses? (Select all that apply)

True or False: Share permissions take precedence over NTFS permissions.

VSS is a technology used to access files while they are...

What is IIS used for?

How many times have you installed IIS.

What is Microsoft’s Update Management System?

How many times have you installed Sharepoint?

How many times have you installed & configured Microsoft Exchange.

In order for the Exchange mailbox database to be available, which service must be running?

How many times have you installed Microsoft SQL Server?

What command can be used to back up a Microsoft SQL database?

Which of the following is NOT a configurable section of Group Policy?

Which of the following is NOT a possible state for a Group Policy setting?

What command-line utility is used to join a computer to a domain?

What is the domain in the following DN?

What command line program would verify that a DC is registered in DNS?

FSMO roles are designed to resolve conflicts within...

Name the 5 Windows Server FSMO Roles.

Which of the following operating systems you have setup email accounts on for? (Select all that apply)

Name the email systems you have accessed to create email accounts within? (Select all that apply)

Identify the email sending protocols in this list.

What protocols are used for receiving email?

What usually prevents a business user from sending business emails from his home internet connection?

What is the default port for SMTP?

What is the common alternate SMTP port?

What is the default port for POP3?

What is the default port for IMAP?

Which email protocol will generally remove messages from the incoming mail server after it is received?

TLS is used for ______________________ of data between the client and server

Which parts of an SSL certificate must be valid for a green lock to appear in the browser? (Select all that apply)

Which protocols can transfer files between a client and server using a browser?

Which DNS record type is used for name to IP mappings for forward lookups?

Which DNS record type is used to identify a mail server for a domain?

Which Antivirus software have you installed and managed? (Select all that apply)

How does Ransomware impact a computer?

TDSS is an example of a...

__________________ is an attempt to gather personal or sensitive information, generally through e-mail or fake websites.

Do you have experience with a service ticket system and if so, which systems?

A user reports that their PC is running slow when using spreadsheets. What is the first think you should check.

A user reports that they are unable to access any websites using Internet Explorer. What could be the problem?

If a program is not functioning correctly, you might be able to _________________ the program via the control panel.

If an installed piece of software is working but has limited functionality, it may need to be...

What backup software is included with Microsoft Windows?

What backup programs have you used?

What backup media would offer the fastest recovery?

What describes the expected max time acceptable for recovery after a disaster.

True or False: Regardless of the backup software used, backups must always be restored to identical hardware to ensure driver compatibility.

What types of ports can be used by Windows to print? (Select all that apply)

Have you ever shared a printer?

Have you ever setup a network printer?

The print _________________ service must be running in order for jobs to be queued and sent to a printer.

Have you ever used a ticketing system to support clients?

Which RMM tools have you used before?

Have you ever built a network cable?

What does UTP stand for?

What type of cabling is commonly used for local area networks?

How many wires are in a category 5e cable?

How many wires are required for a 100Mbps connection

How many pairs of wire are required for a 1Gbps connection?

What type of cable does the code call for when running cable through air ducts.

What is the maximum length for a single run of UTP cable?

Which UTP cable type supports gigabit Ethernet?

What is the jack called that we plug network cables into?

A 110 bit is used to punch down cable on the back of a

At what layer of the OSI model does a switch operate?

Identify the common frequencies used for Wi-Fi network. (Select all that apply)

Which Wi-Fi security type would you recommend using?

A switch uses what information to make forwarding decisions?

At what layer of the OSI model does a router operate?

What allows a group of private IP addresses to access public IP addresses across the web?

What Routers have you configured for business use?

What is a DHCP scope used for?

How many usable host are available in a class C subnet?

What information can be used in windows to see what path a packet takes to a destination?

Which one of the following is a current Google DNS server?

Which command can you use to test DNS resolution?

True or False: UDP is considered to be a less reliable transport than TCP due to it not being connection oriented.

What command in Windows will show the current IP address and subnet mask assigned to all of the network interfaces?

Approximately how many TCP/UDP ports are available for communication on a device?

Which of the following IP addresses are private non-public addresses?

An IPv4 host address contains how many bits?

Given the ip address of and a subnet mask of, which of the following is the broadcast address.

True or False: A subnet mask determines which parts of the IP address are network and host?

Given a subnet mask of, how many usable host addresses are available?

In a broadcast address, all bits in the _________ portion are set to 1.

A VLAN is used to ______________

Have you ever setup a VPN

What device may use a VPN connect to a remote network

Identify the common encryption algorithms used for a VPN. (Select all that apply)

In order to connect two networks via an IPSEC tunnel, what must be unique to both sides

Have you ever connected two commercial offices with a hardware VPN?

What other remote control programs have you used to connect to computers in other locations?

What do you have to do in order to connect RDP server that is located behind a NAT gateway?

What mobile platforms are you proficient with (configuration, support, and use)

What is a denial of service attack?

What can be used to check for open ports on a router?

What tools have you used to analyze current TCP/UDP connection traffic?

What tools can be used to inspect the contents of packets flowing through the current connections.

What tools can be used to record network flow and traffic in real time for later analysis?

What Intrusion Detection / Prevention systems have you worked with?

Identify one common function of a UTM firewall. (Select all that apply)

What Linux Distributions are you proficient in? (Hands on test will be administered if hired.)

What is apt-get or yum used for?

What is GRUB used for?

Identify the file systems available in Linux. (Select all that apply)

What would you do to begin troubleshooting a kernel panic?

Have you ever installed or configured Apache HTTP server?

What is Samba used for?

Have you ever installed or configured a MySQL database server?

Which SMTP applications commonly found in Linux? (Select all that apply)

What command is used to compile a linux kernel?

What Linux hosting control panels are you proficient in? (Select all that apply)

What protocols have you used to replicate and create failover for linux. (Select all that apply)

Have you ever managed commercial linux servers?

Have you ever wired an analog phone jack?

How many wires are needed to carry an analog voice signal?

What jacks can be used for analog phones? (Select all that apply)

What cabling can be used for wiring analog phones? (Select all that apply)

Have you ever used a butt set?

What is a 66 block used for? (Select all that apply)

A single PRI circuit can support how many voice channels?

A smart jack is generally located at:

Which of the following PBX phone systems have you istalled & configured? (Select all that apply)

Have you ever configured a VoIP phone?

What VOIP phone systems have you setup and configured? (Select all that apply)

In asterisk what command shows the status of extensions?

What port is used for sip signaling?

Identify the valid VoIP protocols (Select all that apply):

What can be employed to solve NAT issues with VOIP? (Select all that apply)

What protocol is used for audio in VOIP? (Select all that apply)

What is an ATA?