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Work with a professional, dedicated team that you can trust.

Joe Thigpen

CEO & Chief Engineer

Joe spent the first 20 years of his life in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper where the only technology he used was weapons and explosives.  He bought his first computer in 1986 and instantly found his passion for IT. After he retired from the Army, Joe completed his degree in Computer Network Administration and founded DataGroup Technologies, Inc.

Rhonda Rouse

Office Manager / Controller

Graduating from Ashford University and Forbes Business School, Rhonda obtained her B.A. in Accounting and has been showing off her math skills ever since! With over 30 years of experience in accounting, it’s no wonder why she is our financial guru! Her inspiration comes from her sister-in-law; she strives to have her spitfire attitude while still remaining the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

Brad Caudill

IT Services Director

When Brad was 12 years old, he put together his first computer and has been fascinated with IT ever since! Resolving issues, fixing problems, and looking for innovative solutions are what keeps him going! Outside the office, you can find Brad listening to music, playing the piano, or reading a novel.

Lee Roach

Sales Manager

Lee grew up in Clayroot, NC, a small, tight-knit farming community in Pitt County that has produced many successful, productive professionals, thanks to a work ethic instilled into its residents that still burns strong today. Lee has been involved with sales and marketing for over 25 years. His greatest enjoyment in the business is “the WIN” – whether it’s him winning or helping a teammate win a deal. When not at work, Lee loves spending time with his family at the beach and coaching his daughter’s basketball team.

Betsy Byma

IT Consultant


Adam Smith

IT Consultant


Lorrie Ikerd

Marketing Consultant

Lorrie graduated from Ogeechee Tech (in Statesboro, GA) with a degree in Medical Administration and is currently working on a Biological Science degree at Arizona State University. She has worked in medical sales for the past 4 years, helping make a difference in Eastern NC through improved quality of life, from hospice care to life-saving blood product services. Lorrie finds that sales provides an easy way for her to make a positive impact in the lives of others. When not traveling and trying new foods, Lorrie spends most of her downtime with her partner, Justin, as well as her three siblings and many friends.

Jason Hill

Senior Content Developer

Jason is a man of many words, very few of them actually spoken. He started writing creatively when he was 9 and we still can’t get him to stop. After 12+ years as a digital content specialist in e-commerce, Jason is expanding his skillset into the ever-growing field of digital marketing. When not at work, you’ll often still find him in front of a screen, watching movies, listening to music, or blogging. But the best part of his downtime is spent enjoying life with his two kids.

Charles Hopkins

IT Architect

Originally from Greenville, NC, Charles graduated from East Carolina University with a MS in Networking Technology and a concentration in Computer Network Management. With 25 collective years of experience in Healthcare Informatics, Real-Time Location Systems, and Pharmacy Informatics, Charles is passionate about improving processes and getting people and things to communicate with each other. When not at work, he enjoys golf, fishing, geocaching, karaoke, serving at church, and spending time with family. Fun fact: Charles once visited Australia and Hawaii for two-and-a-half months, “just because.”

Jon Kemling

System Analyst

Jon discovered his passion for IT in 1980 and has been honing in on his skills for over 29 years! His favorite part of the day is when he’s out in the field. He loves taking on these new challenges every day! Moving here all the way from Nebraska was a crazy move that we are so glad he decided to make!

Teaven Johnson

Help Desk Team Leader

Teaven grew inquisitive of technology when he was 9 years old, after his father gave him his first computer. He earned his degree in Information Technology and has been paving his way through the IT industry ever since! What keeps him going is the desire to provide a better life for his family and success itself.

John Ermolowich

Technical Services Engineer

John realized his love for IT when he was taking a PC programming and network class in high school. From that moment on, he has devoted his career to teaching others how to work with computers and how to fix them. With over 14 years of experience, you could say he’s an expert!

Steven Beier

Security & Compliance Engineer

Steven is a retired U.S. Navy combat veteran with 26 years of service providing health services and support for our Navy, Marine Corps, and families. He also retired from federal civil service with 13 years as a Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Medical Center at Camp Lejeune. Steven obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science and a graduate certificate in Project Management, and received his Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification in 2009. When not at work, Steven loves to fish and also restores and shabby chic’s antique furniture on the side.

David Bolin

Technical Services Engineer

From his very first electronics class way back in high school to today, David has had a huge interest in what makes things tick. David spent several years in the U.S. Army as a Communications & IT Specialist honing his networking skills, which he has then been able to bring to bear in the civilian sector. Solving IT issues is one of his favorite pastimes, second only to enjoying a great session of Dungeons & Dragons.

Shar Shackleford

Account Services Representative

A native of Farmville, NC, Shar has a passion for helping and serving others. She is motivated by her three children who bring her joy and keep her going. Shar values her relationships with her children, her baby sister, and her closest friends, who all hold a special place in her heart. Outside of the office, Shar enjoys cooking, reading, and crafting!

Robert Welker

Senior Field Engineer

Robert has been solving complicated IT issues for as long as he can remember. He obtained his degree in networking technology and network security, which made him the perfect asset here at DTI! Before joining us, Robert spent his days saving lives as a firefighter.

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