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Work with a professional, dedicated team that you can trust.

Joe Thigpen

CEO & Chief Engineer

Joe spent the first 20 years of his life in the US Army as a paratrooper where the only technology he used was weapons & explosives.  He bought his first computer in 1986 and instantly found his passion for IT. After he retired from the Army, he finished his degree in Computer Network Administration and founded Datagroup Technologies Inc.

Rhonda Rouse

Office Manager / Controller

Graduating from Ashford University and Forbes Business School, Rhonda obtained her BA in Accounting and has been showing off her math skills ever since!  With over 30 years of experience in accounting it is no wonder why she is our financial guru! Her inspiration comes from her sister in law, she strives to have her spit-fire attitude while still remaining the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

Brad Caudill

IT Services Director

When Brad was 12 years old, he put together his first computer and has been fascinated with IT since then! Resolving issues, fixing problems, and looking for innovative solutions are what keeps him going! Outside the office, you can find Brad listening to music, playing the piano or reading a novel.

Tim Harris

Systems Engineer & Cloud Services Manager

Tim graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2003 and discovered his passion for IT when working in their physics department.  He is a Charlotte native, hiking enthusiast and fishing fanatic! His favorite part of the day is when he’s installing new applications, he finds it oddly enjoyable.

Kenneth Tyson

EHR Operations Manager

Ken finds inspiration in his wife and kids, and always strives to make a difference with the work he provides. A results-driven water-lover and outdoorsman, when Ken isn’t in a team meeting or behind his computer screen, he’ll be in the great outdoors sailing or shooting!

Elizabeth Semple

Director of Business Development

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Elizabeth launched her career in Marketing and Advertising! Even with 28 years of experience, her favorite part about her job is still being able to interact with a variety of people every day! Her desire to win and to be the best are what keeps her going!

Michelle Pittman

Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist

Michelle, is our ukulele playing, mural painting, caffeine drinking, marketing extraordinaire! She has a passion for strategizing new ways to promote growth for her clients and helping their business achieve new heights! After earning her Business Administration degree she knew she had to pursue a career in Marketing!

Alana Morentin

Web Services Consultant

Alana’s inspiration comes from her daughter, she helps her release her inner creativity. She has a hunger for helping others, an incredible amount of self-discipline, and over 10 years of experience! When she’s not devoting her time to helping people, you can catch her singing, reading, and playing with her daughter.

Alan-Michael Skirnick

Digital Marketing Assistant

Alan internalizes the classic storybook, The Little Engine that Could. He is constantly striving to better himself and helping others in whatever way they need, and has an eye for seeing what could be. He has been working in the professional marketing sphere for 4 years, while working on his personal digital marketing experience for 6 years. After work, Alan likes nothing more than making dinner and talking with his roommates and cat.

Alexandria Moore

Software Support Analyst

With a background in computer information systems and medical billing and coding, Alex has always been fascinated by computers and technology. Outside of the office, Alex fills her free time with shopping, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with her son.

Chris Frim

Service Desk Manager

Chris started working with computer services in the mid 90’s and is still amazed by how quickly they evolve! He’s motivated by his desire to continually grow, he believes that you never stop learning, especially with IT.

John Ermolowich

Technical Services Engineer

John realized his love for IT when he was taking a PC programming and network class in high school. From that moment on he has devoted his career to teaching others how to work with computers and how to fix them. With over 14 years of experience, you could say he’s an expert!

Jon Kemling

System Analyst

Jon discovered his passion for IT in 1980 and has been honing in on his skills for over 29 years! His favorite part of the day is when he’s out in the field. He loves taking on these new challenges every day! Moving here all the way from Nebraska was a crazy move we are so glad he decided to make!

Ken Rhodes

Telesales Representative

Ken has been helping businesses in eastern NC with their online presence and marketing strategies for over 15 years. His greatest pleasure in business is seeing how businesses that he has helped are still thriving. Ken’s motto is “let’s grow and move forward together.”

Kendall Walston

Graphic & Web Designer

Kendall, our long-time list-lover, realized her passion for graphic art and web design during the Myspace movement. When she’s not creating phenomenal websites and eye-catching designs, you’ll catch her breaking a sweat at boxing class, getting creative in the kitchen, and pampering her pets!

Margot Wouters

Web Services Consultant

Margot is an energy drink enthusiast who is passionate about providing for her family and helping businesses grow by finding innovative ways to share their stories. Extensive experience in client communication allows her to make friends wherever she goes!

Martins Somoye

Software Engineer

Martins graduated from Himalayan University 5 years ago and has been fulfilling his passion for IT ever since! He loves being a part of DTI because of the collaborative and welcoming environment that we have here. Martins daily motivation comes from his coworker and friend Matt!

Matt Butler

Senior Software Engineer

Growing up with IT and having over 7 years of experience with computer programming has made Matt a force to be reckoned with here at DTI! But don’t worry, IT isn’t the only thing he’s good at.  In his free time, you can find him playing video games, riding his bike, and wood working! He considers himself a serial hobbyist!

Richard Haar

Web Developer & Cloud Support Specialist

Richard tries to make the most out of his life by constantly creating new goals and working hard to achieve them. After earning a degree in economics, he decided to turn his passion into a career and specialize in web development. Out of the office you can find him skiing, outdoors, or at a live show!

Robert Welker

Senior Field Engineer

Robert has been solving complicated IT issues for as long as he can remember. He obtained his degree in networking technology and network security, which made him the perfect asset here at DTI! Before joining us, he spent his days saving lives as a firefighter.

Teaven Johnson

Technical Services Engineer

Teaven grew inquisitive of technology when he was 9 years old after his father gave him his first computer. He earned his degree in Information Technology and has been paving his way through the IT industry ever since! What keeps him going is the desire to provide a better life for his family and success itself.

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