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Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021

Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2021

Bell bottom pants, neon-colored everything, kale as a diet staple…. Trends come and go and, for the most part, we aren’t preoccupied with keeping tabs on whatever’s in fashion at the moment. But cybersecurity trends? That’s something we can certainly support!

So, what can we anticipate seeing as consumers, employees, employers, business owners, or merely members of the general public who regularly use computers?

At the time of this writing, we’re a quarter of the way through 2021. Let’s take a look at a few key cybersecurity trends we’re seeing so far.

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021

Inside Jobs

There’s a disturbing phenomenon that is growing in popularity known as insider-threat-as-a-service (ITaaS). Yes, you can actually hire a disgruntled employee to undermine a business and compromise its data integrity by stealing information or destroying the business from the inside.

Managed services providers like us have been paying attention to ITaaS for longer than just the current year. But now that the entire hiring process for many remote employees is being conducted via video or other long-distance methods, it isn’t always a simple task to garner and build up the trust you might have commanded from years of sharing office space.

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021

Fake IDs

Illegally obtained credentials can be utilized for more than securing a credit card. Sure, you can create an identity and establish credit – but you can take it a step further and concoct a history that doesn’t actually exist in relation to the person for whom it’s being created.

This is a significant progression from the aforementioned insider job that can occur; but it’s crucial to be aware of exactly who you’re hiring and to whom you’re providing your sensitive information.

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021

Bigger Phish

With people being the number one risk to cybersecurity and working from home being common practice for many, an overall increase in cyberattacks can be anticipated.

Why? Because human beings are the quickest point of entry for any hacker, and unobserved humans are even easier to dupe. Subsequently, phishing scams will be even more widespread with regard to cyberattack attempts.

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021

Final Thoughts

At the crux of any trend is the fact that it will ebb and flow in popularity over time. One trend that isn’t going anywhere, however, is the possibility of data breaches. While the outfit or the outward appearance may vary, an attempt is always made to disguise the true identity of the attacker.

The best-case scenario for any business to implement a solid cybersecurity plan designed to protect your systems and networks from external (or internal) intrusion, thereby ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations and securing your employees’ and customers’ vital data.

DataGroup Technologies, Inc. (DTI) can help you do just that! Reach out to us today by calling 252.329.1382 or visit our website to schedule a free IT assessment for your business.

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